Monday, November 23, 2009

Shine on Jasmine

Terrance & Jasmine @ PVAMU

On Thursday, as I was getting ready to depart, a young woman and her aunt came to fill out the enrollment form for Teen U. It shocked me because Teen U isn't even open on Thursdays. It shocked me even more, that the next day, Jasmine, the young lady, was one of the first students there. Since her enrollment date, one of the only high school seniors in the Teen U program, attendance to Teen U has been constant. Although it takes a while for her to warm up to you; once she does you can see that she is certainly a shining star.

We originally planned a trip to Texas Women's University to attend on Saturday, November 21st. She was on of the first to return a permission slip. The Wednesday before the staff abruptly changed and decided to go to Prairie View A&M University for their annual Family & Friends Day. I received a phone call from her at about 11 o'clock on Thursday night from her pleading to reserve her spot and that she would turn in her permission slip the next day. Sure enough, Friday evening I had her permission slip and the next Saturday morning, she was here before I was ready to go to PV.

Once we got there, I saw her to slowly open up to not only myself, but other staff members, especially Ms. Janet. She's a senior and already so far behind in the process of continuing her education. She wants to do something in the medical field she told me while waiting our turn in the restroom. She is still very eager to visit TWU. (So, I'm pretty sure, we'll still be making a trip to Denton.) I know that she will begin to be proactive in this journey and I am glad to be apart of Teen U to be able to help her achieve her academic goal.

This is only the beginning of Miss Jasmine. I see her soaring above and beyond. One of the many success stories of Teen University in the making.