Sunday, February 28, 2010

How We Became Flat

Prior to Miss Janet leaving to Guatemala, the students in Ms. Katrina's and Ms. Tameshia's classes read "Flat Stanley". After the reading, the kids were challenged to write their own stories of how they became flat and create their very on "Flat Friend". The snow days trumped our flat friend creations, so Ms. Katrina and I created two flat friends in the images of two our students (Lamarcus and Tytiana) to travel to Guatemala with Ms. Janet.

Enjoy some of their stories below....

"I was fighting with my brother and he sat on me to make me flat."--Lamarcus

According to Niesha, our class has become flat on many occasions....

"Once we were at the NBA Jam Session playing basketball against Dirk and the Mavs. He fell on our entire team while trying to dunk and smashed us all flat."

"Another time... we were walking to the After School Academy after school when a very STRONG wind blew us into the side of a building and smashed us. In order to get normal, we rode through the wind on a giant leaf to the nearest gas station. At the gas station, we used the tire air pump to get back to normal."
Soon, we will be sending out the rest of our "Flat Friends" to other places around the world. If you're interested, in hosting our "Flat Friends", please email: (Please include "Flat Friends" in the subject line)



Well, it has just been confirmed. Elex and Judy Evans, my parents, would like your flat friends to travel with them to Canada this summer. They will be leaving on July 13 and will return on July 31. Your flat friends will be traveling to Toronto for sure and some other provinces too. Plus, your flat friends will get a chance to ride in airplane again and a train