Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Field trip at UT Arlington

Today, I read the ASA blog, and I was amazed at how each child response to the field trip was different. What I noticed during the tour was how attentive Jordan Warren was the entire tour. He always full of surprises. He journeled, asked questions and even took some great shots, so did Ms. Keilani.
I really enjoyed the trip, I had never been to their campus so it was an adventure for me. I too learned how the different exercise machines work and what parts they help you work on. I especially liked the treadmills that they have and the walking loop. I am not too fond of weights. What made the tour go well was the fact that we had an excellent tour guide by the name of Mr.Darrell, he was very informative. I feel that this program is going to very beneficial in the long run, which is the goal that we set out to achieve.