Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day two of Spring Break

Our mission, to spread joy to all we encounter. First stop, Roseland Gardens where the seniors live. In this picture, we are containing our excitement and energy for our mission.

Meet our new friend Novella Roberts.
Trinity, Ta'Kyra, & Novella Roberts
Meet another new friend, Margie Macky
Trinity, Titana, Iesha, & Margie Macky

Getting Down to business with some arts and crafts

B I N G O, B I N G O, ...

Who knew BINGO could be so intense!!!!!!!!


Janet Morrison

Great stuff! That was a great idea to go hang out with the seniors in our neighborhood! I hope you guys start going back once a month. That would be really cool...and fun!

I was very impressed by the intense bingo game. :)