Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spotlight: Bridgett and Phillip Casey

There's nothing like having great parents. Though I believe all parents want the best for their children, I also realize that some parents take advantage of opportunities more than others.

Brigett and Phillip Casey are two parents who are soaking up every opportunity that comes their way. They enrolled their oldest boy, LaMarcus, in our After-School Academy at the beginning of last year. It was our first year so we had an orientation to sign people up. Bridgett and Phillip were one of the first couples there.

Throughout the first year of our program, they were very supportive. They loved that we had a checkbook system where kids earned and lost "dollars" according to behavior. They had to write their gains and losses in their checkbook to keep track. Bridgett and Phillip wanted to implement the system at home so we gave them extra check registers.

This year, they signed LaMarcus up for the program and added his younger brother, Joshua. The two boys are quickly becoming experts at greeting every person who walks in the door...just like we teach--firm handshake, good eye contact, and a strong voice.

Bridgett (and sometimes Phillip) participate in our parenting LOL (Ladies Oxygen Luncheon), faithfully attends the monthly Parent Academy, and started the 10-week Play Connection I blogged about here.

Yesterday, when I talked to Miss Katrina to find out who is buying books at the Library/Bookstore, she said Bridgett and Phillip went in to buy adult books for themselves and also bought a book a piece for their two boys and their older daughter.

Though we recognize that families have other things to do and can't attend every single workshop, meeting, and event we set up, I think Bridgett and Phillip have figured out they can attend everything, gather good information, and, in the process, be a participant in their child's education and experiences.

Thanks, Bridgett and Phillip! You guys are awesome!