Friday, March 12, 2010

Jr. Reporters update

Our VP, Gerald Britt, came to my office for our meeting today. Not five minutes into our meeting, Danielle (who runs our After-School Academy) quickly came into the office apologizing for breaking in. Joshua stood around the corner as Danielle explained. Joshua had interviewed Rev. Britt during the Jr. Reporters interviews they did about two weeks ago.

Joshua saw Gerald walk in the door and immediately got excited and wanted to say hi. So, while Danielle asked permission to interrupt our meeting for a few minutes, Joshua stood around the corner. As soon as Gerald stood up to greet Joshua, I saw Joshua come around the corner with a big, somewhat shy, grin on his face. I loved the connection I saw.

The original intent of Jr. Reporters was to teach kids professional skills and interviewing techniques in hopes of encouraging a possible career in journalism and/or just developing skills that could help them in ways that could prepare them for their future. We are definitely achieving that, but an added benefit is seeing the kids excited about seeing the instant connection with the adults they interviewed.

I didn't think to capture the interaction until it was almost over so this is really short...