Monday, March 22, 2010

The Game of Life!

The other day Wensday March 17, 2010 we had a group of teenagers come in from another place. We played a game called The Game of Life. It is basically learning how to live life as some regular people do every day around the world. We had to learn how to write checks, deposit them to the bank, work and get our paychecks, pay tickets, and we had to waste money for our necessities. Each one of us playing the game had a different life role. Some of us had a part time job that didn't cover all of our bills, some of us didn't have cars so we had to ride the bus, and some of us had kids which meant even more expenses. You had to write down your expenses or else you would go broke. This was a real life experience for me. At the end of the game it was an eye opener. I realized I had just done most of the things I would have to do when I got older and grown up. Its as if I had just grown in 20 minutes and payed bills and worked and all that stuff. It is a big important thing to have a life plan as you get older. And its really important to have a job and an education because that will get you in a good job and in a good position later on in life. With a good education and good determination I think anybody can achieve anything they set their mind to. That was my lesson learned in The Game of Life! :)