Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Library/Bookstore is gaining ground!

What do you do when the rain has gone away and the weather is beautiful? Go outside, of course! ...which is exactly what Ms. Katrina decided to do with her kids who came to the Library/Bookstore today. What a way to combine the greatest things ever...great weather and a good book!

I look at these eager readers and smile. Less than six months ago, children accessed books through their school library...maybe on a weekly basis. Today, the kids can visit the library/bookstore on a daily basis...and they do!

I was asking Katrina how the library was coming along. She handed me $11.50 in sales just from last week! I asked her who was buying the books. She explained to me that two new boys, Jerry and Rome, have started coming to the library. Both are about 10 years old. They're best buddies and they can't get enough of the library. They come right after school, grab a book, sit off to themselves and read silently. When they're finished reading their book, they scrounge up money and buy it. Since they've been coming, they buy about a book a day.

I had to chuckle. Katrina said she has to warn them to swallow their food. Not sure what she was talking about, she explained that since they library is open until 7:30, their parents come to get them for dinner. The boys say that they will be right back as they sprint to the house and get back as fast as they can...just so they can read some more.

The great thing is...they're not the only ones enjoying the library/bookstore services. I'll post about that later...


Ms. Embry

How awesome!! I love it when kids fall in love with reading!! Way to go guys!!