Thursday, June 25, 2009

Air pollution

The last two weeks have been wonderful.These kids are really learning and are anxious to learn more. Last week recycling triggered their minds. They wanted to let the whole world know that they recycle and that recycling is something for everyone.

This week is a bit more challenging for we are learning about air. The main focus is air pollution. We are conducting experiments and taking pictures.! He walked up to an apartment, greeted the people, and asked to take a picture. As we walked away the lady said, "That was cute."

I felt happy that they are not only learning the things we are teaching, but are applying them to daily life. ~Nazareth, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher

Chairs, tables, buildings, cars, airplanes, jets, boats--all these things pollute our air.
Jordan Hart

Last week we learned about recycling. We did a recycle race. You can recycle anywhere you go. Please recycle.
Hayzul Powell