Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parent's Talking Recycling!!!

I just love to hear from parents. I received a phone call yesterday from a parent while we were on a field trip. Her daughter Shamaria attends the program and is in the Kinder class along with Trinity.

She was asking me how the field trip was going and what we were doing? I told her it was going good and that we were doing a group discussion at the Frito Lay Plant with some of their staff.

She then begin to tell me about how Shamaria was telling her that they need to start recycling. She just laughed and said, OK! Shamaria we will have a family meeting so we can talk about recycling.

I thought that was so awesome! See even when we think parents are not listening to their kids, they are.

I am not sure if they have started yet, but it is just good to know that her mom is glad about what Shamaria is learning.



I am the mother of Shamaria Harper, and I have not called the family meeting for recycling yet, but is on my agenda for this weekend. I have gather some boxes from my job and will be transporting them home for our family reclycle boxes. One will be for paper and the other will be for aluminum or plastic. Due to me working I am missing out on all the fun. But Shamaria is having a wonderful time, and I and so happy that my little girl has oppurtunities that I didn't have. I do have one request and that is if I can get a list of reclylcing locations, so that we will know where to take our recycled items. Thanks ASA for providing a loving and caring staff, and thanks for investing time in our children.


This is Shamaria's mother again wanted to give a update. We had our first family meeting about recycling yesterday,and I was Wowed by Shamaria's knowledge of recycling. As parents we are always the ones teaching our children, and not too many times our kids are teaching us . But the tables turned yesterday, because she did all the teaching and I listened. I was so proud of her. When I asked Shamaria how does she feel about recycling she said " It makes me feel happy b/c you can help save the planet. She also said " I feel like recycling today". The meeting was about 25 minutes long. The meeting also included Shamaria's 3 year old sister Mariyah that has her own topic which was plants. Following the meeting we went outside where me and the girls plant 2 different types of flowers from some seeds I purchased a few months ago, we also used some soil that was previously in a pot of flowers that had died, so we were able to reuse the soil we already had., It was fun but extremely hot. Will let you know how that goes : )