Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning about Recycling

What do you know about technology? This summer the kids will be learning about taking pictures and videos, putting them on the computer, playing computer games about recycling, using voice recorders, doing interviews, and much more.

We have a great group of ExxonMobil Green Team ambassadors who teach the classes.

This is the Tech Geniuses class. Expect great things out of them! They will be documenting the program and creating awesome videos for us to watch by the end of the summer.

One-on-one attention. The University of Values provides opportunities for kids to get to know their teachers and the teachers to get to know their kids.

This summer the kids will engage in active learning. Today they went into the aparment complex to pick up "trash." When they came back, they separated it into trash and things that could be recycled. We had full bags of recycled items by the end of the day.

Welcome, Aviant, Angel, Jailyn, Niemen, Kwane, Jordan, Joshua, Monteyvion, Hayzul, C.J., Lewis, and Justice. We are excited you are here!!


Brandie Butler

I LOVE these kids!!! They're so lovable, teachable, and interested in learning new things. Our first day was AWESOME!