Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teens Giving Back!!!

We as parents sometimes don't recognize how valuable our children are. My daughter Phantasia is volunteering with us for the summer. She has been doing an excellent job!!!
She does not always seem like she is ready for the day, but she actually is. Whenever it is time to pick the kids up for the program she is right there with me. Once we are at the program, she is right there to greet the kids with a hand shake and a smile.

I sometimes walk around just to she what she is doing. When I go to the class that she is in, she is always interacting with the children. The small girls tell me that she is their best friend. I get all warm inside when I hear that.

Today, she volunteered with Ms. Danielle from the Roseland Outreach Center. She delivered Meals On Wheels and she also did some job search. This is a 14 year old girl that is on her way to college!!! I have all the Faith in the world for her. I know she gets tired of me pushing her to stimulate her mind, but she will appreciate it in the end.