Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Earth Team and Our "Dust Catchers"

We are winners!

We’ve learned so much about recycling and air pollution. We’ve experimented and tried a lot of different things that have helped us understand both of these new concepts.

"We don’t put paper in the trash because it goes in the recycling bin. I’ve learned about air pollution and what dirty and clean air is." Monteyvion

"We pollute our air when we let smoke come out of our engines for a long period of time." Niemen

"Acid rain that comes from volcanoes pollute our air." Kyleon

"If a place is dirty the air can get dirty and if the whole air is dirty you could get sick and possibly die." Joshua

"I can see our recreation center from my house." Kyleon.

"We eat lunch there and its also where we play and we also hung our 'dust catchers'.”
Monteyvion, Josh, Kyleon, and Niemen

"The dust catchers catch dust and the things that pollute our air." Kyleon and Josh

"Its also used to see if our air is clean or dirty." Monteyvion

Niemen took the awesome picture of Mr. Cliff helping us hang up our dust catchers on the recreation building and Ms. Brandie took the picture of the Earth Team as we stood under our dust catcher.