Monday, June 29, 2009

Fieldtrip Mondays


Mondays are new and exciting experiences to all of us. Last week we went to Frito-Lay. Where we learned about their means of transportation.The kids got the opportunity to get on every truck, van and trailer that there was.The favorite part for most was honking the horn and taking pictures.

At Frito-Lay I learned that they have big and small trucks.The small trucks go to little stores; and the big trucks are for grocery stores.
Beyonce Hart

At Frito-Lay a few weeks ago I learned that they make different kinds of chips.In Japan they have shrimp flavored chips.
Ishmael Ellington

Water Treatment Center

must admit the smell got to us all,but we managed.The kids learned where our drinking water comes from and the process it goes through.

They took us on a tour. Thye told us how the water is cleaned and how it gets dirty.

Hayzul Powell



What is the black stuff in the bottom picture?


EW! Shrimp flavored chips?? Did you get to have any samples?


All of this seems really cool and engaging! Wish I was there.

Ms. Jess