Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enviromental Fair Excitement

Excitement is in the air! The kids can not hardly wait to start on projects for the enviromental fair at the summer. The kids in the second and third grade class have great ideas.

Today two of the kids were helping with chores when Ms. Janet came by. They were telling her all about our cool word journals which we created out of recyclable materials. They were so excited to tell her about how they had so many words in their journals they were running out of room.

One child also was telling all about a very creative scavenger hunt project that she wanted to do for the fair.

I am so excited to see how involved the children are becoming and I can not wait to see their creations come to life.



Beyonce and Hayzul~
I was so impressed with your ideas and what you have learned this week! I love your cool words journals! I hope you are practicing using the words you've written down. I also LOVE your scavenger hunt idea, Hayzul! I can't wait to try it out at the environment fair. Keep up the good work!! :)