Monday, June 29, 2009

Water Waste Treatment Plant

Today we went to the water waste treatment plant, and boy can I say "me and my little group of students have really learned a lot." As soon as we got there we went to a building that takes sand and rocks out of the water (this is the first level of cleaning.) Then we went to a huge tank of the horrible smelling gas that comes from the waste water, it travels under ground underneath about 7' of wood. The bacteria in the wood mixes with the bacteria in the gas causing it to end up smelling like wood. After that we went to another tank that reminds me of a big mixer, but this one gets big chunks of trash out of the water (level two.) The last tank we went to showed us the nearly clean water all that needed to be done was boil it. I would like to thank the tour guide for showing us the steps used to turn waste water into drinking water.