Friday, June 19, 2009

Out of The Mouth Of Babes!!!

I heard the funniest story today from one of our parents. Her daughter Trinity attends our University of Values Summer Program. She is in our Kindergarten class.

I was chatting with her and I asked her how does Trinity like the summer program, and she looked at me with excitement and tiredness. She told me about how Trinity keeps her up until 1am in the morning talking about the program. She said that she wakes up throughout the night saying, "Is it time yet?", "Is it time yet?", and her mom would say, "No Trinity not Yet", and if you could see the look on her mom face, it would make you laugh!

She told me that Trinity showed her a bag filled with white stuff, she is not sure what they made, but all she knows is that Trinity said, "Now momma you can't eat this, but you can smell it", and she replied, OK! and she smelled it. It was a project that they made with UNT Biology Department Assistant Professor, Dr. Rudi Thompson and staff.

They were making all kinds of stuff, like a miniature landfill, homemade paper, a recycling poster and plants. They even gave them neat recycling bags to take home to store or carry items in.

They are learning so much. I am also proud of my staff for their efforts, they work really hard and diligent everyday to make sure the kids learn and have fun at the same time.

I really did enjoy their recycle relay that they had today, it was hilarious seeing the kids run and pick up trash, you hardly ever see them pick it up, they are usually throwing it on the ground. How funny!!!

I am looking forward to the days ahead. I can't wait to see what Trinity has to say next. Her mom told me she says everyday, I am ready to see Ms. Silver and Ms. Berp. Our names are actually Ms. Sylvia and Ms. Bert.



hahahaha!!!! I LOVE this post, Sylvia! Very well written and it gives such a great visual of the program! Thanks so much for sharing this!