Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recycling Electronics- Found by The Tech Class

"One of the biggest areas of waste that people are allowing to take over landfills today is electronic waste. "It's not quite as simple as sticking them in the recycle bin at your curb, but it's not going to take too much work once you understand how the electronics recycling process works." -Lewis

This year there are more more possibilities than ever to find under the free from the revolution '',highly accessible wii nintindo console to sophisticated cell phones that are connected people in thenew ways . Even underprivledged laptopsin record numbers hopefully hoping.to breach the digital divide.''- CJ

"Everybody recycles materials like aluminum,glass,and plastic because it takes much less energy to do so than to make the material from the raw material. And the recycled material does not end up in a land fill." -Tahjanae

"For example aluminum ore (bauxite) must be dug from the ground expensive, labor intensive, polluiting) hauled to a mill and in a very enrgy intensive process turned in to aluminum. Recycling a can is easy, melting an exsisting can use less energy than making new aliminum and there is less material taking up space in the land fills." -Tahjanae

"Materials like used motor oild and old car batteries are toxic to people and wildlife, by recycling them we save animal life and get the low cost of not having to create new material. Used car batteries are about 95% recyclable. Very little ends up as wast after recycling. -Tahjanae

- Randy and Ishmael

-Randy and Ishmael

-Randy and Ishmael