Monday, June 29, 2009

Earth Team guys got the facts...

The Waste Water Treatment plant field trip had physical challenges in addition to just “raw” information. Sorry for the pun. Our group walked around the filtering tanks and vats seeing up close how complicated this process is. We even met an employee along the walkway that wanted to know who we were and offered that employment at a waste water treatment plant was really “secure”. He also wanted us to share this information with the kids. He said it was a civil service position and a person would be able to work almost anywhere in the world.

When we sat down for lunch other employees asked about our group and seemed pleased
that our kids were studying in an environmental program this summer.

We were all surprised that the process used so many non-toxic substances.

Here’s how our guys summed it up.
Monteyvion (7 years old)….we learned about clean water and dirty water.
Joshua (8 years old)…they used a machine to help make the dirty water clean again. They also clean it with lime stones with green slime growing on top (algae). Bacteria are used in someway.
Kawame (7 years old)…I like seeing the dirty water turn clean from running it over the rocks.
Niemen (7 years old)…I saw some nasty water turned clean for us to use again. Rock filter tanks are seven ft deep. The rock came from Texas and is limestone.
Kyleon (7 years old)…..Learned that at the waste water plant most of the smelly air is circulated 6 ft underground and up through wood chips vats to remove the odor.

I think they got the picture that almost everything can be reused once you clean it up.