Monday, July 06, 2009

Can climate change make more things small ?????

Well our docent, Sarah, at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science wanted us to know that this area of Dallas was once a fertile and wet zone
where many animal lived whose fossils are seen
in the museum exhibits.

This Super turtle, like the one shown here, and this gigantic armadillo, about the size on a Volkswagen bug, were once living here in Ocean Texas. Angel and Trinity were able to get these photo shots even in the face of danger, and they wanted to know why things like the turtle and armadillo had shrunk in modern time.

I guess we had all better hope that climate change doesn't cause shrinkage like it did before or we might come back the size of ants.



Great job, Angel and Trinity! Interesting lesson and good question! Why did they shrink??


Our docent said the animals became extinct because of changes in the Texas habitat which could have been caused by either of two factors:

1. A major geological event that would have reduced sunlight and hindered photosynthesis, leading to a massive disruption in Earth's ecology


2. the extinction was more gradual, resulting from slower changes in sea level or climate.

We'll work on understanding more about habitat this week.