Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Recycling Rap pt.1

Well towards the end of the day I thought about something that Ms. Janet had said to me a few weeks ago..." Wouldn't it be neat if they could make a rap about RECYCLING!"

This came from the recycled materials music video our class made in which one of our students (Lewis also known as Music Head) made up this little rap just be saying something. Well you know what, I decided to see if it would be fun to make up a little rap about recycling and to see if the students would actualy have fun with it, and you know what so far it is really neat. Our very active student C.J. wrote the first part of it and the rest is coming up A.S.A.P.

RECYCLE MAN: By the Technology class pt.1
CJ's Part:
They call me recycle man
They call me recycle man
I come from all over the world
recycling Trash all over the world
Looking for all blue bags. You know
man recycling that trash
They call me recycle man
They call me recycle man
I see people trash on the ground
they look at me like I'm a clown.
Yeah it's ya boy CJ
recycling man.



Love it, C.J.! When are we going to get to hear it? You know I can't I need to hear you do it! Will you record it on the voice recorder and put it as a beat behind some of the pictures you guys have taken?? That would be really cool!