Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hands on all the way

One thing I've learned about our class is that they're hands on. This is not to say they do not pay attention to instructions, but I believe kids need freedom and with freedom comes great responsibility which requires listening. We started learning about Earth last week and it was messy, fun, and educational. I can honestly say teaching seven and eight year olds is something else, but it brings a great deal of fun. We build volcanos, oceans, and we recreated Earth's inner surface using nothing but recycled materials.

Our first stop was learning about Earth's inner surface. To recreate this model we used edible materials like ice-cream, pie crust, hot chocolate and strawberries--each to represent the temperature of each layer. Besides wanting to receive a piece of pie, the kids were excited about learning Earth facts. So, as I stood there and began talking about Earth I looked and realized that kids like learning. It's just the way one presents the information that triggers their mind.

After lunch we went around the table, hearing each kid tell me a minimum of two facts they learned. And as I heard Niemen speak perfect Spanish saying Earth has one moon called Luna. I smiled because the pie had been forgotten but something else was remembered. Below is a picture of our finish product.

The pie crust represented Earth's crust. The ice-cream was the Mantle.The hot chocolate was the outer core and the strawberries the inner core. (picture by Beyonce.)

Earth and water.

So as the week went by we learned about water and how it helps us and the animals. The kids learned about the four oceans and how we must take of them. Kwame, was wondering why there is no ocean made specifically for animals of all sorts. So we put his mind along with the rest of the class to make their own ocean. As we began collecting materials and bringing them to the table you could hear Beyonce and Kwame say, "Let's name it Animal Ocean". So we did. As we painted and made animals some from scratch and others printables you could hear the class say, "Octopus, no alligators, no whales," and animals just coming left to right.

Today we made our own ocean and I showed the kindergarteners and they did one too. It was fun. -Beyonce Williams

Earth and Land.

RUN !!! A volcano erupted RUN!!! Yes, we made our own volcanoes after learning what they do and why. The kids were skeptical and doubted me very much. "Ms. Nazaarethh, what if they dont blow??" And as I reassured them they would, we began constructing using used paper plates and aluminum foil. We used baking soda, water, and vinegar to make them erupt and as we headed outside you could hear them whisper, " I don't think they are gonna blow!"

Honestly, I had failed in the morning so I too was thinking the same, but I knew they would erupt and they did. The look on their faces was really priceless as each of them turned and looked at me. They had fun and they not only learned about volcanos, but they learned that doubting people is okay because it happens.

We learned about volcanos and how they blow up when you add vinegar and baking soda. I did not think they would blow, but they did and it was fun. -Darajhnee Williams



What a great documentation of what your class has been doing!!

And the volcano video cracks me up!I love the "(pause).....Oooh!" as they wait and then watch it erupt.

You guys are really engaging your class. I love it!