Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music Head: A Modern Superhero

Lewis W. Better known as: Music Head! A superhero of modern times, Music Head has been known to stop armed robberies wish nothing but irresistable sound of a sonic blast from the antena extending from his mask.
When he isn't stopping crime using his prodigious music-like powers, he earns money being a dj at rave and hip-hop clubs. His age? Ten. Do any of the clubbers care? No. He can get into any club simply by putting on his mask because he's a living sound system.
According to Lenice he has also been known do recycle! That in itself is pure heroism! So the next time you see something strange in your neighborhood or some thing wierd that don't look good, call Music Head: Modern Superhero.



Ha!! This is great!! I love the creative writing...and I love the music head! Write more, Uchenna! I love the story!