Monday, July 13, 2009

Landfill saves

We saw first hand some of the ways the landfill protects the environment by capturing green house gases and using methods to speed up the decay process for garbage.

The days of burning trash are long gone and now we process trash in a way that contributes to the city budget from selling the gas produced at the landfill.

Ms. Sheila, a director who is also en engineer, was glad to see us come and was proud of the job that her summer interns from the City of Dallas were doing to direct games for our kids to test our recycling knowledge. The University of Values kids did very well and appreciated the Landfill's staff wonderful tour and the time they took to make sure we understood the science behind modern waste management systems. Hazel answered a question without hesitation by responding: the three R's of resource management are to Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Way to go kids.

We found out that truck drivers and mechanics are always needed and that environmental and civil engineers are responsible for monitoring and developing most of the processes we saw. Dallas is one of the only southern cities that is using a particular type of laying process that uses old tires for filtering, we were told.