Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What a wonderful program and teachers too !!!

My Son Jordan who is 8 years old is apart of the Asa program, and the summer program University of Values summer program. I would like to say as a parent Thank You to programs like this. Thank you staff for believing, and caring about our children ,and letting them know that the ball doesn't just stop at high school but beyond. Thank you for giving us a chance of knowing all the possibilities, and what I mean by us , is my son and I. When my son comes home from the program, he 's eager to teach me something that he has learned new. In the summer program ,environment has been the focus and how we can help our community. He's been really excited about recycling, one day he came in and asked Mommy can I have those plastic bags under the counter in the kitchen and I said for what He said we don't use them I feel we need to recycle them I said ok but I thought to myself he was right we won't use those bags. Jordan had a huge smile on his face because to him he did something for the community.