Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cures for the heat

Laughter and fun with a twist of education seem to be the cures for this heat.Our second and third graders needed to put their knowledge to the test so we thought what better than some outdoor fun. Our fun consisted of five stations: relay races, facts and illustrations with chalk,and water cycle puzzles.

We challenged the kinder and first grade classes sounds unfair ,but the reality of it was that we lost and yet no one in my class complained. What I was most impressed with was the kindergartners; they worked as a team, didn't complain and the knowledge they displayed was speechless.

Aviant put together a puzzle that was about evaporation. Jada, Trinity, Angel,and Jailyn worked as one to solve their puzzles.The first graders had plenty of patience and were really happy to interact with the other classes.

The day was very successful and overall the most important thing learned today was knowing that when an adult speaks a child listens. Witnessing laughter and knowing that you created it makes a hot day seem like the ultimate day.

(Facts by Neiman and Kawame)
Water is good for the Earth



Neat stuff! I like the way you guys were creative to not just do uizzes & not just have play time outside, but to put them together. Looks like fun!