Friday, July 10, 2009

Our youngest scientist are the brightest......

Look at them trying to decide which type of light bulb will give off the
most heat and which will be the brightest.

We had one student, Trinity Taylor, who thought the compact fluorescent light(CFL)bulb would be cooler to the touch and give off just as much light. However her fellow students were thinking just the opposite. She had an insight during the probing session and you could see her realize what the answer might be from her expression. It was priceless.

We ran the test for 1 minute for each bulb and of course the new CFL bulb is cooler to their hands held over the lampshade. At this point Trinity reveals that her sister has this type of bulb in her lamp and she thought it seemed cooler.
We can even remove the CFL bulb easily because it never got as hot as the older type bulb.

The children share that their families use some of the new bulbs at home, but also are still using the older bulbs. We'll get a chance to "estimate" what kind of impact our children's families would have on reducing their electrical cost when the K-1 class's home electric bulb usage surveys are returned next week.

Now the kids can tell their parents with conviction that the CFL last longer and uses less electricity, not to mention that it does not heat up the room the way the older bulbs do. Jada Kelley, Aviant Blaylock, Angel Tate, and Jailyn Vickers have "seen the lights" so to speak.

Science Rocks!!!!!