Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Water Bottle Super Heroes

We learned today about the life of a water bottle. The second and third grade class read a book that described to them the importance of recycling. The book followed the journey of a water bottle. The bottle started out as crude oil and was manufactured into a water bottle. The bottle ended up in a park where it was later picked up by a young boy. The boy took the bottle home and made into a flower vase for his mom for valentines day. When the family was finished with the water bottle they threw it into a recycle bin where it was recycled and later used to make a sweater.

In the spirit of reusing water bottles our class made water bottle super heroes. Each hero was unique and special. The children each gave their super hero a name and "special power." I was very impressed by our water bottles I think we can all feel safer about the world we live in with these super bottles looking out for us.


Mrs. Sylvia

This is too! cute. i see everyone had some great imagination!


So glad you guys enjoyed the book. The water bottles are super! :)