Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Enviromental Superheros

Hello Again!
We have been super busy working on different projects gearing up for the end of the summer enviroment fair.
The second and third grade class have decided to give ourselves a room name. So we are now the "enviromental superheros". Superhero names included.
The first picture was taken on monday when we got back from the waste water treatment plant. Our room decided to make a poster of the layout of the plant using q-tips and paint.

Today we had a very eventful day. We had a guest speaker who came and spoke to the children about different types of trees and how they get water and nutrients. The kids learned alot about different trees in their own community.

When we came back from Lunch the children decided to make posters showing a few of the things they have learned. We are not quite finished with them but the work they out into the posters is awesome. These kids have worked so hard.
Today While the kids worked on their posters I went around the room and asked them what they liked the most about our class thus far,
" I like to get on the computers and play recycling games." - Kwame Hall
" I like camp because we learn about recycling, air pollution and the water cycle. We learned about air quality colors and air pollution bingo and air pollution baseball. At the end of summer we are having an enviroment fair. I'm excited because I am making a scavenger hunt." - Hayzul Powell
" Its fun because we go outside, learn and eat good lunch. We have friends in our class that we play with. I like the water cycle and everything we have learned." - Jordan Jeffery
"I like the activities and when we learned about air pollution" - Ishmael Eddington