Friday, July 17, 2009

A Smile For The Day!

The kids never cease to amaze me! I was walking around monitoring the classes yesterday, when to my surprise, I noticed this sign on the Kindergarten class door.

I glanced at it first, then I took a step back just to see what this wonderful sign said. First of all, Let me tell you what it was made of. The middle of the sign was cardboard and around it was all these tiny hands made from construction paper that look like they were waving at me, it was like they were saying, Hey! Come over here, we have something to tell you. Then I stopped and read the sign. It was sooo! cute. The sign said, The Earth Is Worth Protecting, then it gave all these reasons why. It touched my heart.

I thought it was great, and it looked pretty beautiful just like the earth. See! the kids really are learning about the importance of our earth and what it means to keep it beautiful.