Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Central Dallas Ministries Music Crew

The Central Dallas Ministries Music Crew did a successful job at making music today using recycled objects. It was interesting watching our music crew finding ways to make music without using technology. Our music crew includes, CJ, Randy, Lewis and Tahjonae, music producers are Ms. Lenice and Ms. Deanna. This taught them that you can make music out of anything and it doesn't have to be a real instrument.

Our music crew loved this project and they didn't want to stop making music, but it was too hot outside, at least they had fun with the recycled objects. next time it'll be more constructive and organized. What's a day without recylced instruments to make beautiful music.

We also learned about trees and all the different types of tress we have in our community and how they get water and grow. Did you know that if a tree gets a wound it won't heal like human wounds do?Today was treetastic and enviromentally fun.