Friday, July 02, 2010

Bringin' On the Green

This summer the 2nd-3rd graders have been studying resources, how they're used, and what happens to them. We've done all kinds of things from figuring out where things come fromn and where they go:

to dealing with the sad consequences of pollution:

to undergoing our own reduce, reuse recycle, go green projects (garden work, recycling our own paper, enjoying the beauty of the butterfly):

And thus ends week 3 (and that's just a taste). We've learned, equipped, and processed, easily and not-so-easily. But none of us intend to quit now. Next week we hope to begin the big project for the environment fair (a case study of chosen objects and their resources), and the big project for the ASA (marble machine!). Let's get busy!

~Mr. Chris


Janet Morrison

Chris!!!! I LOVE your class! ...and your blog posts about your class! This is so exciting! I'm so glad it ended up working out so you could come this summer. What would we do without you??? :)