Thursday, July 08, 2010

Solar Energy Workshop!

Today, the Green Team put together a Solar Energy Workshop for the ASA Children.

Not only did they get a tasty treat while watching WALL-E, but they also learned how to make a solar oven, learned facts about the sun, and how the sun evaporates water.

In the beginning, there was some chaos, no sun for the solar energy workshop. (Due to the clouds.) In the end, everything turned out well, and the kids (once again) had a blast.

Our original plan was to have rotation after rotation constantly, and due to weather we had to cancel some activities. So, being the flexible Green Team we are, we had a plan B! What better way to learn solar energy, by with a solar disney movie! (Wall-E)
The kids enjoyed their rice kripsy "Suns" during the movie, and enjoyed every minute of it.

We made the suns to give a scale of the sun and the earth. We showed that it was bigger than the earth, and that the sun (just like the earth) has a core. We created edible paint with whipped cream & food coloring. As we created our edible suns, we spoke to the kids about some facts and myths over the sun.

Overall, the workshop went very well and everyone (including the Green Team, ASA Teachers, and Kids) learned something.

-Ruben Ramirez & Alondra Sanchez


Janet Morrison

Oh no! I didn't even think about what would happen on a solar energy workshop day if we didn't have sun! Since when is there no sun in Texas in the summer!!! Glad you guys had a plan B! Hopefully the kids will still get to try out their pizza box ovens at some point. I really wanted to see the results of some of the things they were doing!