Friday, July 02, 2010

Pizza & Equality for All!!!

To kick off Civil Rights, on Friday, at lunch, we demonstrated discrimination in a certain way. As excited as the teens were about receiving pizza, it did not match the feelings they showed when we gave the pepperoni pizza to the teens wearing white, and gave cheese to everyone else. We also gave the people wearing white the option to choose between soda and lemonade, which was not an option for the rest. You could see thorough the teens attitudes that it was unjust. The people wearing white were satisfied, but at the same time wondering what's going on. The people not wearing white were feeling disappointed, amongst other feelings. This is a reminder of how people of 'different' attributes are treated differently, such as African-Americans, women, and even young teenagers. With this start off, we hope to establish the importance of respect and equality at Teen University and in their lives.
- Dranoel




Janet Morrison

Wow...I love what you guys are doing! What an amazing way to engage the teens in history and help them make the connection to how different (yet some the same) things are today!