Friday, July 02, 2010

University of Central Dallas: Class of 2013

This week Teen U students’ lived the life of a college student by going through a mocked freshman orientation. My co-workers and I turned 2101 building into a real university. The students went to different places in the university to learn about housing, registering for classes, meal plans, student organizations, financial aid and much more.

The students were giving handouts and instructed to act like their characters. They had to use their Id number to check into the orientation. After they checked in, they were giving a map and their own agendas to learn more about University of Central Dallas. For example, La’kyra was from Plano, Texas and majoring in Education. She had to go to the student union because she wanted to be active in a lot of organizations and did not know where to begin. Next, she went to university housing to fill out a roommate compatibility form because she had to live on campus and did not have a roommate. La’kyra and the other students loved role-playing. They were excited to learn so much about college life.



Janet Morrison

I LOVE that!!! What an awesome idea! We need to talk more about that and do the same thing much bigger in the fall. What a cool idea! Way to go!