Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Heart Warm"

Today I had the wonderful privelege of taking the MTU boys to do Meals on Wheels. Although I was able to share in the Meals on Wheels experience with the ASA, the MTU boys were able to take it all in and really understand the work that they were doing, which was such a blessing for me to see and be a part of.

When I arrived at the ASA, the boys were already waiting to depart. They proved to be extremely helpful when we arrived at the school to pick up the meals, carrying the two coolers full of meals and beverages. We arrived at our first stop a few minutes later where the boys were able to knock on the door and meet our first meal recipient. At first they were a bit apprehensive, not knowing who we would encounter, but after they hit the first house they were ready to visit the next-so much so, that Noel knocked on the next door hoping that they would receive a meal, too! After we finished our first location, Curtis turned to me and stated: "I feel heart warm!" I cannot tell you how much joy this brought to my day! We had only just begun and they were already beginning to comprehend the vast impact we have on others simply by doing one kind act!

The rest of our visits were just as exciting, as the boys were eager to meet our next meal recipients and hopefully brighten their day with a warm meal. As I said before, it was truly a blessing to see these young men grasp what it is to be a giving person and the impact it has on those that receive.

Until next time!

Sheena Hampton (MTU Teacher)