Monday, July 12, 2010

Showing me the Works

So today, Sheena and I were sent on a mission to go out to the Roseland Community and tell the residents about ASA, MTU, the Farm Stand, and the different events going on through Central Dallas Ministries. I have been around the area, but I have not really been AROUND the area. Luckily, I was blessed with three guides who helped me along the way. Niemen, Joshua, and John were three young gentlemen who are apart of our programs, and were my help along the way. Niemen pretty much took us where he left off from a previous advertising walk, and we went door-to-door from there. I let them introduce themselves, and they did it very well, and in a respectable manner. I heard them tell me which homes had kids, and which homes had dogs (i.e. the homes they would knock and then run back, leaving me to face the canines haha). They presented the information and flyers well, and whatever they left off, I would make sure to mention it.

We received compliments from the residents about how good the kids were, and I even got a compliment for spending the time with them to go out and and pass out flyers with them. As said by one of the residents "I see a future in these young men." I believe that with all my heart.
I have to say it was a pleasure completing this successful mission with these gentlemen. I enjoyed their help and company.
- Dranoel


Janet Morrison

Thank you so much to you and Sheena! This is the exact kind of "activity" that begins to shift the the minds of the residents...and in the way the kids take ownership of it. (I should also say thanks to Danielle, who I know had started the idea of going around the neighborhood).

Having the kids guide you, then greet the residents and give the spiel about the program...and then you backing them up with any missed details was brilliant. I'm sure each person they met refined their own monologue.

You have a great ability to write! I could picture the whole day...and had to laugh out loud at the kids knowledge about the canines (and leaving just about the right time to save themselves and let the dogs eat you guys up!).

Our community is our biggest resource. The kids have a wealth of knowledge that we need to learn from. So, the fact that you guys are tapping into that potential is absolutely wonderful.

Thanks! ...and thanks to all of you in the Roseland community who welcomed the kids and listened to what they had to say!