Monday, July 12, 2010


But unfortunately, that's what trash is.


Today the 2nd-3rd graders got their messy on and went (supervised, that's very important) Dumpster diving! Tomorrow's field trip is to the landfill and recycling center, and before we saw where the trash goes, I wanted them to see what the trash is. Later in the day Aviant and Niemen even got to stop the dump truck as it was leaving and talk to the driver!

Now here's the best part, and the kids did this all on their own. They began to realize that lots of things in the dumpster could/should have been recycled, but now they're going to the landfill instead. So they took some items we found out and put them in the recycling bin! How's that for implementing what you learn?

~Mr. Chris


Janet Morrison

Oh my gosh! This made me laugh at times and smile with pride at others. What a great way to make education real, meaningful, fun, interesting, and so much more. And the gross part only makes it more enticing! I can't wait to hear how their experience today enhances their questioning and knowledge tomorrow at the landfill!!