Monday, July 12, 2010

My Day in Mid Teen University

So, as the teens in Teen University were going through Etiquette Class upstairs, I was sent down to unofficially assist Mr. Adam in running Mid Teen University. I have seen Mr. Terrence and Mr. Adam run this program before, but I didn't think I was going to assist in it anytime soon. No sweat...well maybe a little bit.

In attendance were two of the three young men who helped me pass out flyers earlier in the community, Niemen and Joshua. Along with them, were two others, Noel (who claimed I stole his name, his father's name, and his grandfather's name) and TJ. These guys have a lot of energy I tell you.
Well, we started of playing a board game geared towards prominent African-American figures and African-American history. I have never seen anything like it and I thought it was pretty cool to learn facts about George Washington Carver and George Washington Bush. After that, we played Brain Quest, the United States version. We learned facts about the 50 states and I was appreciative of the involvement of the young men in the program.
After sitting around with board games, they want to be more active, so we played a series of Human Knot and Categories (Joshua insisted). And I don't remember, but someone mentioned having a crab walk competition...Whew! To see them all crab walking for a time was funny and inspiring altogether. So, I volunteered to compete also...I am not old enough to complain, but it has been a while since I crab walked :) After that, we had a bear crawl competition. Even Mr. Adam participated in the activity (which also inspired me to participate). I almost broke a sweat, but it would have been well worth it for the fun of the program. Engaging them in physical activities is a great idea because young men have lots of energy and what is a better way to use it than to have them play a sport, or even bear crawl.

The kids in the program are great, as well as the staff. I am glad Mr. Terrence created this program and Mr. Adam is continuing it. I like the path MTU is going through and if they need any assistance in running the program, whether physically running or just running the program generally, I wouldn't mind. That was my first day of Mid Teen University in a nutshell.
- Dranoel


Janet Morrison

Yet another great post! (you've really got a talent for writing, Dranoel!)

Sounds like you and Mr. Adam really did a great job engaging, educating, and enriching MTU...all at the same time.

Thanks so much for stepping in...and recognizing how much amazing potential each of the young MTUers have!