Friday, July 09, 2010


What an exciting day for Teen U students! Today, we went to the House of Blues and learned about African Americans contribution to music from the past to the present. It was very fascinating to hear the songs the slaves sang when they were being transported through the Middle Passage to America to the 1970's when Muddy Waters sang "I can't be satisfied. " The students enjoyed the experience and cannot wait until next Friday when they go back to the House of Blues to learn about folk artists.

On Wednesday, Teen U students had another college 101 workshop entitled "How to choose a major." Each student had to find a major based on their interests. For example, Sharde loves to help people so she decided to major in sociology. After they found their major, they had to look for universities with their major and pick a profession. Finally, they created a poster or PowerPoint to present their major and career choice to their peers. I enjoyed listening to their presentations and getting to know more about the students.



Janet Morrison

Wow! Sounds like you guys are doing some really cool stuff. I loved seeing the posters. I love that they're thinking about and planning for what they're going to do after high school!