Friday, July 09, 2010

Listen Carefully

Today for rotations I had the opportunity of participating in a "music" activity with my class and then Ms. Chrystalin's class. The goal? To hear the music of our world. The product? Music of our own. The first scene is my class with their composition of imitated city sounds (yes, they are supposed to be that loud, after all, the city is loud, right?), then we see some footage of Ms. Chrystalin's class collaborating on their song, then their finished project. See if you can identify all the different noises (birds, people, helicopters, ice cream trucks, cars, potato chip crunching, candy shaking, power washers). What else do you hear?

~Mr. Chris


Janet Morrison

I'm glad you wrote what they were doing because I was truly wondering at the beginning of the video! :) I loved the rotations and I loved how you had them really listen to the sounds around them. Cool stuff.