Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How Do YOU See Your World?

Today we embarked on a scavenger hunt, doing our best to look at the world around us from a slightly different perspective, from the eyes of the resource-conscious individual. Where do things come from? Where are they going? What happens when I throw this onto the ground, turning it into pollution? What happens when I put it in that blue bag instead? On this hunt, we looked for ordinary things around us through extraordinary eyes. These are some of the things we found.
~Mr. Chris


Roseland ASA

For clarification, we accidentally skipped the capital resource heading. Oops, we'll get it next time.

Janet Morrison

Every time I read about your class I get so excited! Don't you have 1st and 2nd graders?? I'm loving that your class is creating an atmosphere that leads them to be critical thinkers. Way to go!


2nd-3rd graders, give or take. And thank you! They don't appreciate it at times, but I think it's just such an important skill to develop; even if it doesn't all come across now, they should be able to appreciate it later, and couple it with creativity and the world is your adventure.