Thursday, July 08, 2010

Solar Energy Workshop for the ASA

Today the Green Team had their second environment workshop, Solar Energy. The workshop went off well, although the sunlight was blocked due to cloud coverage. The Green Team worked with what they had and did most of their original activities with a few modifications. I was impressed with the way the Green Team adapted to the sudden change in plans. At no time did they say we CAN’T do something, they just worked with what they had. The workshop concluded with a movie and we finally got a chance to watch Wall-E (YAH!!!!)

Overall I would say this workshop went off better than the last, due in part to the ASA staff. After the first workshop we asked the ASA staff for recommendations. Their help allowed the Green Team to be successful in this workshop.

If you want more information on the workshop check out Ruben’s blog post (below). But until next time remember to tune in to this Bat Channel at this Bat Time!