Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Road to Solar Energy

This week has definitely been a productive one for the Green Team and the Roseland Staff.

On Tuesday, the staff got together for a weekly meeting and each learned a little bit more about each other and what's going on in the Roseland Community. Not only did we learn that everyone has their own definition of words like "caring," "field trip," and "discipline," but we learned that this summer is going well.

The Green Team has been working on putting together the 2nd workshop for the ASA Kids next Thursday.

Not only have we come up with what activities will be going on, but we definitely know the kids will enjoy this more than the Weather Workshop we did last Thursday. We have wood art, paper art, a solar oven, and rice krispy "earths" in store for this workshop coming.

Anyone is welcome to come see the kids make crafts and learn about Solar Energy as well.

-Ruben Ramirez


Janet Morrison

Sounds like great stuff! I can't wait to see/hear about/read about the solar oven! Make sure and take great videos so I can see it on the blog!