Friday, July 30, 2010

Construction is Definitely Underway

Today we continued our marble machine project, finishing the "plinko board." The kids just can't seem to get enough of this machine, and it's inspiring to watch them dream up the next path of their marble, and then actually create it. I love to imagine with them as they woosh their fingers around the room, showing me where the marble is going to go next, and then as they decorate their recycled objects, giving the machine a new fresh look. My job? Just make sure it works, and show them why it works. Their job? Well, the walls are the limit.

I just want to point out one more thing. Notice what each piece is made out of? Yeah, the kids have chosen every part, and have had the opportunity of designing and placing every part. Welcome to the next generation.

~Mr. Chris


Janet Morrison

The critical thinking skills you guys are inspiring makes me more excited than you'll ever know! Go marble machine!! I hope you guys plan to leave it up even after the summer is over!