Saturday, July 03, 2010

This week at Teen U...

It was a very busy week at Teen U!

Tuesday-- The teens had a very special guest speaker, Mrs. Sharon Grigsby, from the Dallas Morning News. Mrs. Grigsby shared how she became interested in writing and editing for Newspapers, what it took for her to get there, and many other things. Thanks Mrs. Grigsby!

Wednesday-- The UTD Go Center Interns (Jamacah and Dranoel) turned the 2101 Building into a mock University and the students attended "Freshman Orientation". During the orientation, the teens learned about all the services that are offered on college campuses. The students really enjoyed the role-playing and having many of their questions about college answered.

Thursday-- The teens took a field trip to Dallas City Hall. When we arrived, we were greeted and introduced to the City Plan Commission. We had the opportunity to attend a briefing of some of the projects the Commission would be voting on later that afternoon. After the briefing, Commissioner Mike Davis gave the teens around City Hall. They really enjoyed learning about the different careers and services offered at City Hall but their absolute FAVORITE thing about City Hall was the Mayor's Office. Thanks Commissioner!!!


Janet Morrison

Wow! What awesome opportunities! Thanks, Sharon and Mike, for taking time out. Way to go, Teen U, on planning such great things for the teens to experience!!